Labcorp Fax Numbers

In this page you will find Labcorp Fax Numbers, 336-513-4510 for you to send a fax message directly to Labcorp – this is the main fax number for Labcorp and there are additional fax numbers for different purposes:

Labcorp Fax Number: 336-513-4510
Labcorp Corproate Office Fax Number: 205-581-4172 or 760-942-9158

Labcorp Address

Here is Labcorp mailing address to correspond and send physical mail:

Street: 531 S Spring St
City: Burlington
State: North Carolina
Zip Code: 27215

In this website we provide you with updated information for Labcorp Fax Numbers all for free – please let us know if oyu find additional new information about Labcorp, and we will reconfirm the information and post it on the website for other users to use.

How To Send a Fax from Gmail?
Watch this video to see how to send fax to Labcorp Fax Numbers and how to get back fax using Gmail.

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